Infrared heating panel white metal 400w 3590 - 1
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Infrared heating panel white metal 400w Energy-efficient heating system only 50w per M2

Infrared heater | Room heater Luxway 400W
For indoor heating 8 m2 / 20 m3
Included thermostat with / surface heating / temp control
Size: 800x370mm
Delivery: 4-6 days (In stock)

€297.00 VAT included

€237.60 VAT excluded

€347.00 - €50.00


A stylish modern infrared heating panel with built-in thermostat 400W

Ideal for indoor use, living room, kitchen, hallway, garage, bathroom. White smooth lacquered surface that is scratch resistant with long life up to 40 years. You get an evenly distributed heat high as low as our panels heat objects and materials instead of air. Take advantage of the new heating technology you bring and get a carefree healthy heat in your home. An infrared heating panel that differs from other panels on the market

Adjustable in surface temperature

In our range you will find all heating panels with built-in thermostat with the possibility of adjustable surface temperature from 35 to 95 degrees, which is important to have if you are installing in the children's room or if it is installed near a body exposure. There are a number of heating panels on the market where the surface temperature can reach high directly dangerous levels, although the indications are different. With our infrared heating panel you minimize that risk. All heating panels are preset to 60 degrees, which you can adjust to a maximum of 95 degrees and a minimum of 35 degrees.

Adjustable at room temperature

Setting the right degree of heat can sometimes be a little tricky with loose thermostats that many other manufacturers have. Everything from clumsy doses stuck in the wall socket to complicated systems that require an electrician's effort. With our heating panels it becomes much easier as each panel is equipped with a digital temperature controller that measures the room's heat level and it is easy to set up. On each infrared heating panel you have the option to set the desired room temperature from 5 to 35 degrees at the most. The lowest temperature of only 5 degrees fills a good function in seasonally empty houses, type of holiday home when you only want a low inexpensive maintenance heat to minimize moisture damage while a higher temperature degree for ordinary homes and offices.

Complete fastening device included

It is easy to mount this heating panel with the included mounting brackets. Select the area you want heated and select the size and effect on the desired panel. A guideline is 50 watts per square meter. For example, if you have a long narrow hallway, it might be better with 2 400 watts panels instead of one at 800 watts. You get a more even distribution simply. Our panels generate infrared heat radiation a few minutes after you turn it on. The quality is of the highest class and carefully selected to give you a worry-free life in a warm infrared environment.


Technical specification:

Size: 800 x 370 mm

Heating area 5 -8 m2

IP Security: IP 54

Power rating: 400 watts / 230V / 50Hz

Cord length: 160cm / plain grounded electrical contact

Weight: 6 kg

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