Infrared heating panels

Infrared Heating Panels: Energy and Environmentally Friendly Heating for Homes and Offices

A smarter system for heating indoor environments, optimal for homes and offices.

Infrared heating panels offer an intelligent solution for heating indoor environments, perfectly suited for both homes and offices.

Why Choose Infrared Heating Panels?

Infrared heating panels deliver fast and energy efficient heating, outperforming traditional heating systems. Luxway's heating panels are equipped with innovative control features, including the ability to adjust the surface temperature of the panels. This makes them suitable for use even in children's rooms without risk.

Improved Heating: Material instead of Air!

Infrared heating panels work by emitting infrared heat waves that heat the surfaces and materials in the room instead of heating the air. Through this method, the floors, walls, ceiling and furniture become comfortably warm, and the air is indirectly warmed when it comes into contact with these heated surfaces. This results in an even temperature throughout the room and eliminates cold areas and temperature differences.

Energy saving and environmental concerns

Compared to traditional electric elements, infrared heating panels use about 50-70% less energy. This increased energy efficiency is partly due to the fact that infrared heating stores heat in the surfaces and materials that the rays reach, reducing the need for constant heating. With built-in thermostats or remote control, the panels can be easily regulated to maintain the desired temperature and reduce energy consumption. In addition, Luxway's infrared panels have an estimated lifespan of up to 40 years, making them a long-term and sustainable heating option.

Air source heat pump or infrared heat panels?

A common feature in many homes is an air source heat pump. An air source heat pump that blows warm air into the room must always be at a higher temperature to compensate for a cooling effect from the wind. A function that usually requires more energy than a heating panel and it is usually more difficult to achieve an even temperature. The investment cost of an air source heat pump is also higher compared to infrared panels as these have an estimated lifespan of up to 40 years.

Comfort and moisture minimization

Infrared panels also heat the floors, eliminating cold floors and creating a comfortable atmosphere. They also reduce moisture levels in materials such as floors and walls, reducing the risk of mold and solving problems with high moisture levels in basements, garages and conservatories, for example.

Choosing the Heating System of the Future

Choosing the right heating system is crucial. Infrared heating panels offer many benefits, including energy savings, ease of installation and minimal impact on the environment. With an estimated lifetime of up to 40 years and easy temperature control via mobile phone or smart home systems, they are a sustainable and future-proof heating option.

Discover the benefits of infrared heating with Luxway's heating panels and enjoy comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly heating in your indoor environment.

Infrared heating panels save energy

If you compare Luxwayś infrared heating panels with traditional electric elements, about 50-70% less energy is used and the reason is, among other things, that the surfaces heated by the IR radiation store the energy and with a built-in thermostat or with a remote control, the IR panel can be closed when the temperature is reached without the heat in the room suddenly disappearing. You can also time the panels for night mode or if you are away on vacation, for example.

A sustainable heating system for the future

An infrared heating panel from Luxway is very easy to install yourself, much like hanging a picture on the wall, in other words, it is quick. It makes no impact on the property, all it requires is a standard wall socket. A Luxway infrared panel is completely maintenance-free and has an estimated lifespan of 40 years. They don't take up a lot of space and provide comfortable indoor heating and are completely silent.

- Environmentally friendly heating system

- Completely maintenance-free, no broken wear and tear parts such as heat pumps

- Completely silent, no neighbors who are bothered by a hissing heat pump

- With a built-in thermostat, it is easy to regulate the temperature

- Without a built-in thermostat, you can regulate temperature via smart systems via mobile phone, such as Somfys, etc

You get floor heating at the same time!

Avoiding cold floors is a matter of course. Homeowners all too often have a lower temperature than the recommendations issued by the County Administrative Board. Housing companies and property managers think it is expensive and increases electricity consumption too much.

Infrared heating panels heat surfaces/materials instead of air, which results in heating the floors as well. It is not difficult to avoid cold feet and you do not have to worry about increased electricity consumption.

Infrared heating panels minimize moisture & mould problems

Since the heat rays heat surfaces and materials instead of air, it means that materials in the floor and wall reduce their moisture level, which solves problems with premises that have high moisture levels such as in basements, garages, conservatories, etc. A reduced moisture level also means a smaller chance of mold problems as it is related to the moisture level.

Choosing the right heating system is important

There are many different aspects to consider when choosing a heating system. Some examples are operating costs, installation costs, lifetime, service costs and environment.

- You reduce the risk of future moisture problems

- Get it done quickly without tradesmen.

- Infrared heating panels are completely maintenance-free

- They are just as easy to install as they are to dismantle in the event of a move, for example.

- About 70% lower energy costs than with an electric element.

- Negligible impact on the property. No holes, no drilling, no water pipes that can cause leaks or piping.

- A quiet heat as opposed to a loud fan noise from, for example, a heat pump.

- If you want more heat, install an extra panel in 5 minutes yourself.

- Long service life up to 40 years.

- Minimal impact on the environment

- Can be controlled by mobile phone (smart home system)