Reading lamps 12V for your sauna
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Reading lamps / Spotlights

LED Spotlights
2 pieces per package
Connected to panel set or transformer

€76.79 VAT included

€61.43 VAT excluded


Enrich your sauna with stylish spotlights!

The spotlight comes in a package of 2 pieces.
Also excellent for our infrared panel kits where there is a 12 volt output. Can also be connected to an external transformer.
Can also be used in traditional saunas in high temperatures up to 100 degrees.

Technical specification:

Total power: 3W - Per spot
Material: Stainless steel
Light angle: 120 degrees
Temperature sensitivity: -25 - +100 degrees
Size (per spot): 90mm diameter, 34mm deep.
Color temperature: 3000K (warm white)
Installation dimensions: 67mm diameter, 34mm depth.

Cord from spot: 12cm
Coupling between spotlights: 95 + 95 cm
Cable from intermediate connection to transformer / control box: 300cm

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