Terrassvärmare Heatway Mini Svart 1500W
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Patio heater Heatway Mini Black 2000W

Patio heater HeatWay Black
2000W, mini model.
For balconies or outdoor seating.
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Professional patio heater Mini 2000W black steel

Heatway Mini is a popular patio heater for both home use and for restaurants / cafes. With its light weight of 2.2 kg and in its narrow dimensions, it does not take up much space and works well for parasols or under roofs. Heatway mini is widely used in cafés and outdoor restaurants in Europe. With a small terrace heater but with an unsurpassed heating technology, it has become popular to distribute heating zones to make as comfortable a heat distribution as possible for a restaurant. Heatway Mini is a robust infrared heater with IP class 55 that can withstand sitting all year round.

The advantage of a low weight and narrow dimensions.

A smaller infrared heater with a low weight fits perfectly under parrasol arms, with the low weight you can distribute more heaters without weighing down the parrasol arm or if you simply do not want to take up too much space for the heaters. Heatway Mini is available in black or white lacquered steel.

HeatWay's heating technology is shortwave infrared heat via halogen technology (Quartz). Like the sun's own rays, HeatWay produces a soft heat wave that gives you many warming moments, regardless of whether it is windy or rainy and debris. The heater's reflector is made of highly polished aluminum, which gives the best reflection of infrared waves. The protective cover is made of quality steel, which extends the life of the heater. This robust heater is weatherproof according to IP class 55 and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are suitable for both commercial use and private use. To control the Heatway Mini, you can supplement it with external remote control or dimmers . Heatway mini is an excellent alternative when you want a maintenance-free heater with a robust metal housing that is just as nice year after year.

Patio heater Heatway Mini technical information:

Color : Black
Voltage : 230V
Power : 2000W
IP class : IP55
Current : 8.69 A
My distance from the floor: 2.0 m
My distance from the roof: 0.3 m
My distance from the side wall: 1.0 m
Cover area approx: 12-15m2

Mini size & dimensions:
Weight: 2.2 kg
Dimensions LxHxW: 490x190x75mm
Mounting: Wall or ceiling
Connection: 3 m cord with plug


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