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Heatway patio heater

Terrassvärmare från HeatWay

Patio heater with extra high spreading power

Heatway Cylindro and Blade Terrace heater is a very specially designed infrared heater with extra large scattering effect of the infrared heat waves coming from its unique reflector which reflects the heat waves via a cylindrical metal casing which allows the spreading effect. Heatway is made of solid steel with lacquered surface in black, silver or champagne colored surface. The metal casing is robustly designed with an IP 65 security which makes it resistant to rain and debris. Heatway patio heaters are easy to control via a remote control or directly via a keypad on the heater.

Patio heaters that are easy to install

Terrassvärmare Blade och Cylindro Are very easy to assemble. With a straight line on a wall you can set up the enclosed fasteners and you do not need to be at exact distance but just have a straight line. On the back is a self-adjusting rail where you do the mounting. It's just plain simple. If you want a slightly nicer mounting bracket then you can order a stainless bracket.

Heatway patio heater


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