Narvi wood-fired Narvi NC 20 water tank left For sauna sizeBast size 8-20 m3
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Narvi NC 20 water tank left

For sauna size
Sauna size 8-20 m3
Wood-fired unit

€1,541.00 VAT included

€1,232.80 VAT excluded


Sauna unit Narvi NC 20 with water tank right.

For sauna size 8-20 m3

A wood-fired sauna heater that has a simple and timeless design that makes it easy to place in both traditional and modern bathrooms. The large amount of stone in the furnace and its stable construction guarantee a smooth and soft sauna bath.

The stove's fireplace has a new design that provides more efficient and cleaner combustion. The new oven has been designed for environmental friendliness and the new mandatory CE requirements.

Sauna units that are easy to maintain

The oven casing is painted in a graphite gray that is accentuated by the black cast iron door with glass door, the black front of the ash drawer and the stone container's metal collar.

The sauna stove has adjustable legs that make it easy to install. The sauna oven comes with a connection tube with which the oven is connected to the flue from behind. The sauna oven can also be connected to the flue from the top, in which case a separate connection tube is needed. A wood-fired sauna heater like Narvi is ready for a sauna already after 1-1.5 hours.

Accessories such as chimney, base chimney, floor cover plate, wall cover plate can be found under accessories above.

Safety distance to combustible material.
To the sides 150 mm
Backwards 150 mm
Upwards 1250 mm

The water tank holds 23 liters.

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