Narvi wood-fired Narvi steam master 30 tunnel model For sauna size
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Narvi steam master 30 tunnel model

Woodburning stove .
For sauna size
Volume 25-35 m3.

€5,592.50 VAT included

€4,474.00 VAT excluded


Narvi 30 Tunnel model for bus size 25-35 m2

A wood-fired sauna heater Narvi sauna heater of high quality suitable for large saunas, eg. saunas of associations. The outer casing is aluminum galvanized steel sheet and the grate is made of cast iron.

Quality sauna heaters Narvi 30 and 50 are now available in a design that allows firewood from another room. A sauna stove that can be fired from the outside is a perfect choice if you want to save the sauna just for the enjoyment of a sauna.

The sauna oven provides nice steam even in larger sauna rooms and for a large number of bathers. The outer shell of this massive sauna stove is made of lacquered steel plate, connection to the chimney is made by top connection.

The sauna is not included!

NOTE! When you have a wood-fired sauna heater, you must have a floor protection plate. Available under accessories above. This does not apply to you who have cast concrete slab or equivalent. If you have underfloor heating in the sauna, floor protection plate is required.

Sauna information

Heating effect: 25-35 m³
Width: 54 cm
Depth: 67 cm
Height: 97 cm
Weight: 155 kg
Amount of stone: 55-65 kg
Material thickness of steel sheet:
Fireplace roof: 10 mm
Fireplace: 6 mm
Weight: 155 kg

The lower edge of the smoke pipe when using a 60 ° angle: 160 cm
Exterior edge of smoke pipe ø: 145 mm

The lower edge of the smoke pipe when using 60 ° angle: 174 cm
Exterior edge of smoke pipe ø: 145 mm

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