Narvi wood-fired sauna oven Narvi Stony 20 Stainless For sauna size Sauna size 8-20 m2
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Sauna stove Narvi Stony 20 Stainless

For sauna size
Sauna size 8-20 m2

Wood-fired unit

€1,800.00 VAT included

€1,440.00 VAT excluded


Narvi Stony wood-fired sauna heater

For sauna size 8-20 m3
sauna Size

Narvis's new wood-fired stove sauna stony in stainless steel, with the huge stone load of 210 kg, gives the discerning sauna bather value for money.

The large amount of stone holds the heat for a long time and guarantees a long and pleasant bath. The glass door spreads a pleasant glow from the fireplace and gives the sauna a warm and relaxed atmosphere. A better wood-fired sauna heater is not in comparison with heat reproduction in relation to price.

Thanks to a replaceable oven, this is a good ecological choice. It is environmentally friendly and meets the mandatory CE marking requirements.

NOTE! When you have a wood-fired oven you must have a floor protection plate. Available under accessories above. This does not apply to you who have cast concrete slab or equivalent. If you have underfloor heating in the sauna, floor protection plate is required.

Wood-fired sauna heater Narvi Stony 20

Stony 20
Heating capacity: 8-20 m³
Width: 81 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Height: 55 cm
Stone load: 210 kg
Weight: about 280 kg with stone.

The sauna is not included!

Safety distance:
Back 200 mm
Pages 150 mm
Forward 500 mm
Upwards 1220 mm

The sauna is not included.

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