Nordic Relax Sauna 3 people
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Nordic Relax Sauna 3 people - Energy efficient sauna - A++ - Infrared full spectrum A.B.C deep heat + Carbon Wave

Infrared Massage sauna for 3 people
Size: 2100x1800x2000 mm
Type of wood: Hemlock
Heating system: IR Vitalight + Massage
Manufacturing order: Delivery time approx.: 3-6 months after order



€7,910.50 VAT included

€6,328.40 VAT excluded


Nordic Relax Sauna infrared massage sauna.

The sauna room that gives your body the ultimate recovery and relaxation.

The Nordic Relax models offer a combination of massage and the latest developed heating systems in Ir technology with IR-Vitalight and Mica wave
Together they create the perfect warmth experience. IR -Vitalight provides the deepest warming of the body with an intense feeling of warmth. Micawave creates the fantastic circular heat that makes an infrared sauna bath an enjoyable experience.

IR-Massage armchair

Sauna with the best seating comfort on the market

Armchairs were originally a sign of power and wealth. As the name suggests, an armchair is a piece of furniture used for relaxation and has an inclined angle. In the beginning of time, the only option in most homes was to sit on a wooden chair or bench. The very first armchairs were made of ivory, wood and precious metals. During the Renaissance, the armchair began to become increasingly accessible to people in more modest designs.

Now we want to upgrade the traditional sauna leaves with the wooden benches and lift the armchairs of the fine rooms into our sauna models. We have skipped material choices such as ivory and precious metals and focused on comfort and well-being. We have chosen to provide our nicely reclined sauna armchairs with restful support for the lower legs and above all integrated functions with infrared heating and massage in the armchair

The function of the IR massage chair

The neck muscles are given relaxation with a massage function of balls that soften stiff neck muscles with a rotating movement.
In the back and seat of the chair you will find an air-pressure massage also called air pressure massage. It creates an alternating pressure over the back and buttock muscles, which helps the return flow of the venous blood and stimulates improved blood circulation and lymph flow.

Infrared heat
IR -Vitalight provides the deepest warming of the body with an intense feeling of warmth. You will find these IR heaters centered in the back of the chair and also under the chair as a heater for the calf muscles.

The sauna room
Nordic relax offers the exterior a stylish minimalist design with clear lacquered standing panel in Hemlock wood. Fully glazed front in clear glass with a wooden frame and a handle in XL length. The glass door's extra strong hinges give a rustic feeling.

Infinity tak
The roof offers a unique construction where a mirror wall and light loops create a feeling of a three dimensional depth. Enjoy in the reclining massage chair and rest your gaze on the roof's beautiful reflections and depth.

Glass floor
Mica wave for foot heating is integrated in a glass floor. This floor is easy to keep clean, but above all it reflects the IR heat waves from the sauna's other heaters such as the calf heater and the side wall heater. The front glass also has a reflective function of the infrared heat waves back towards the IR massage chair.
Infrared saunas are energy efficient
Energy saving sauna


Note, Manufacturing order. The product is manufactured to order, delivery time may therefore vary. A deposit of 20% of the product's price is paid when ordering. Comes on a separate invoice.


Sauna specification:

Sauna external dimensions:
Length: 2100 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Depth: 1800 mm

Electronic control with control panel or remote control.
Remote control for massage functions.
Adjustable power, 70.80, 90 or 100%.
Timer control 0-60 min.
Includes Radio with speakers, USB, AUX and Bluetooth
Reading lamp ceiling inside.
Color therapy (LED loop in the ceiling)
Ventilation door with fan.
Tempered glass door in glass 6mm and 6mm glass on the sides.

Massage function
Kneading function for neck / shoulder.
Air pressure massage back / seat
Vitalight 3x100W in the back
Adjustable in back position
Adjustable in leg position

Heat specification

10 st IR Vitalight
12 st IR Mica Wave
3 Micawave underfloor heating in black glass.

Total power: 4179 W. 20 A. 230V. 50Hz
Temperature regulation 18-60 degrees.

Wood type 1st variety Hemlock from Canada.

Low EMF: Read more about EMF


Data sheet
Sauna Size
Sauna for 3 to 4 people
Energy class
Wood species
Canadian Hemlock
Infrared heater Mica Wave + infrared full spectrum heater
Läslampa + Färgterapi + Ljusramp
Bluetooth + USB + AUX + Radio