Sauna Infrared for 3-4 pers

Infra sauna for 3 sauna guests

There are several health benefits with an infrared sauna

Not only is it a different experience to spawn in an infrared sauna - and that there are loads of different health benefits. It is simply better for the health of bathing a sauna in an infrared sauna than it is in a regular sauna. For example, infrared radiation has been used in medicine and rehabilitation for several years. Infrared sauna gives a soothing effect and a sauna improves blood circulation in the body. This not only gives a physically positive feeling, but also a mentally relaxing feeling.

How does an infrared sauna work?

Infrab astu works about exactly as it sounds. It uses infrared light to heat up instead of a sauna heater. The infrared light rays are of a warming nature, and are completely harmless. The light rays are found in the sun's rays, among other things, the advantage for the heat sensitive is that the room does not get warmer than 40 to 60 degrees, which is still warm, but far from the temperatures a normal sauna usually holds. The soft warm feeling combined with high sweat production usually means that you do not miss an old traditional sauna.