Infrabastu Jade vision 130 19995 - 1
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Infrared Sauna Jade vision 130

Infrared-sauna for 2 people
Size: 1300x1200x2000 mm
Wood type: Hemlock
Heating system: IR-Vitalight
Sold out: Coming in June / July
Can be pre-booked

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Sauna Jade Vision infrared sauna for 3 people.

A nicely well-designed sauna with an excellent heating system. Each wall side is provided with a sliding glass door so you do not have to count on any door leaf dimensions for the doorway. Glass pages with black details for the modern home. Sliding doors to save as much space as possible. Effective sauna bath with powerful Vitalight reflectors. Also includes seat heaters and also has heaters in the two wooden pillars from the front, which means that you are also exposed straight from the front. The black design is suitable for a modern home.

Sauna doors with smart function

The sauna doors are fitted with sliding wheels that are easily pushed aside and are therefore space saving as you do not have to count on the door opening. With only a few millimeters, you slide the glasses to each side.


Material: Tempered safety glass 6mm
Clear glass and black glass, inside in hemlock wood
Sliding door on either side of the gable.

Control panel: Touch panel on the inside.
Timer control up to 99 min
Temperature control up to 60 degrees.
Power control select between 70, 80, 90 or 100%

Sound system: 2 pcs. speaker
Radio, USB.

Lighting inside: Reading lamp ceiling with color therapy

Exterior lighting: No.

Other: Built-in backrest ergonomically
Air purification with oxygen ionizer
Active ventilation with fan



Infrared heater: IR Vitalight
Investment; back, in front pillar, in seat, under lichen and in floor
Number of 7 pcs.

Total power: 2300W
10A. 230V. 50Hz

Electrical connection : Standard plug
For 230V grounded socket.

Low EMF: Read more about EMF

Installation and installation:
An extra 15 cm in height is required for installation
Box builds about 4 cm above the sauna's ceiling height

Data sheet
Dimensions (mm)
Width: 1300, Depth: 1200, Height: 2000
Wood species
Canadian Hemlock
Carbon infrared heater + infrared full spectrum heater
2300W, 230V
Reading lamp + Color therapy
USB + AUX + Radio