Sauna room in aspen- 110x110 cm
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Sauna room in aspen- 110x110 cm

Traditional sauna for 2 people.
Size: 1100 x 1100 x 2000 mm
Wood: Asp wood
Heating system: SAWO sauna heater / 3.6 KW
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Sauna room in asppanel 1100x1100 mm

A very well built sauna room with panels in aspen. The aspen panel gives the sauna a very elegant expression and can not be compared aesthetically or quality with the usual fir panel. The sauna room is normally paneled on three sides and only the back wall consists of plywood.

This sauna room is being built in Estonia, a country with a long tradition of building wood. The Estonians, not unlike us, have a good sense of quality and are proud of their craftsmanship.
The sauna room is ready for use as soon as you build it, which goes on for a few hours as the walls consist of sections that you raise and screw into each other.
Seating, backrests, floor trolleys at the walking surface, stiffen, bucket, fixture, lampshade and of course a power supply with stone accompany the delivery and what is required in addition to your own work is an electrician who installs the unit and lighting fixtures including the included switch.

Includes sauna heaters

With this sauna comes a sauna heater from Sawo trendline .

Sawo Trendline sauna heater


Sauna specification:

Sauna outside dimensions:
Length: 1100 mm
Height: 1980 mm
Depth: 1100 mm

In stock: about 1 week delivery time

Included: stove, bucket, fixture, lampshade, sauna heater

Material: Aspen wood outside / inside

Bastulave : asp
Hardened safety glass 6mm, clear glass
Wooden handle: Maxi- Abachi



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