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Infrared sauna

What is Infrared Light? Read more about benefits for your body and well-being ...

Benefits of infrared light

What is infrared light and how is it used in the sauna?

Long-wave infrared rays produced in our saunas are part of a specific segment of the light spectrum.

Most of the sun's energy comes from the infrared frequency range. Infrared is a form of radiant heat that heats objects directly without heating surrounding air.

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About Luxway Infrared Sauna

What is a Luxway sauna with infrared heat?

Luxway Infra Sauna is made of solid wood only, like cedar or hemlock. It is easy to assemble and place in any location indoors. Installation time about 1-3 hours depending on model. Requires no fixed electrical installations or any wet room. Easily plug into existing electrical outlet. Luxway infrared sauna is equipped with "carbon wave" or full spectrum "Vitaelight" heaters ...

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How do the infrared rays work?

How do the infrared rays work?

Long-wave infrared rays are energy in the form of waves, which is measured in microns 1 micron = 1/1,000,000 meters).

All people emit and receive long-wave infrared rays between 6-20 microns. The most advantageous area of the waves for humans is between 7-14 microns. This interval, which has come to be called the "vital rays", has been shown to have a number of positive effects on the human body.

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