Corner Sauna Cornett Mini Hemlock Wood Type: Hemlock
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Infrared sauna Cornett Mini hemlock wood - Energy efficient sauna - A++ - Carbon Wave

Infrared sauna for 2-3 people
Size: 1250 x 1250 x 1900 mm
Wood type: Hemlock
Heating system: Carbon Wave
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Cornett Mini sauna for 2-3 people.

Sauna that is equipped with Carbon Wave 360 heating panels in 4 layers of carbon for a more efficient spread of infrared heat.

Benefits of smaller corner sauna

With a smaller wall dimension you get a more surface to mount this sauna. A wall corner is usually a surface that is difficult to place anything in, but with this sauna you can put it all the way to the walls. The sauna room can accommodate 2 people as a comfortable sauna but can also be used for 3 sauna guests with a narrower dimension.

With built-in backrests over the heating panels in this sauna, each person does not need an extra backrest during the sauna session. This is a real mini-sauna for those who want a corner sauna but still not too big.
Infrared saunas are energy efficient
Energy saving sauna


Sauna outer dimensions:

Length: 1250 mm
Height: 1900 mm
Width: 1250 mm

Internal control panel.
Elegant infrared sauna for smaller areas.
Suitable for 2-3 people.
Equipped with Carbon Wave heater.
Electronic control inside.
Timer control 0-60 minutes.
Heat-resistant stereo & speakers.
Radio / USB / Bluetooth.
Spotlight inside and outside.
Color therapy.
Ventilation hatch for fresh air
Air Purification: Oxygen Ionizer.
Tempered glass door (6mm) in frame.
Temperature control 18-65 degrees.


Carbon Wave 360
Energy saving: 2100W.230V. 10A.
Normal plug EU. 
Has overheating protection
Door in tempered safety glass 6 mm clear glass.

Wood type: 1.a kind Hemlock from Canada

Low EMF: Read more about EMF

Examples of sauna installation.


Data sheet
Sauna Size
Sauna for 2 people
Energy class
Dimensions (mm)
Width: 1250, Depth: 1250, Height: 1900
Wood species
Canadian Hemlock
Carbon infrared heater
2100W, 230V
Bluetooth + USB + Radio