Corner sauna Infrared


With an infrared sauna in the corner model you get a welcoming feeling of your sauna, it follows the room's wall sides and opens up to the room and the centered door makes the model feel inviting. You choose between models with a full glass front or a little more cozy with only side glass and with lighting both inside and outside, your infrared sauna will be the room's natural centerpiece. Bathing a sauna is nothing new. It is an activity that has been around for many years. There are many benefits of infrared sauna, it is both relaxing and relaxing for body and soul. In a corner model, you sit at an angle opposite each other, this creates a nice community where you can sit and talk during the day or in the company of good friends socializing in the sauna. The IR sauna suits everyone with their charitable infrared heat waves, the sauna becomes a pure pleasure and with the comfortable sauna environment in an infrared sauna, no one will leave the sauna first. Wellness a sauna with taste