Tansun Rio Grande
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Infrared heater Tansun Rio Grande 1500W black

Infrared heater | Patio heating Tansun Rio
For balconies or outdoor dining.
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Patio heater Tansun Rio Grande single

The Rio Grande is elegant in its appearance and is weather resistant, suitable for restaurants and outdoor dining. Rio grande has a smaller dimension in its reflector but has a high heat dissipation of 12 m2. This heater is popular for outdoor dining around the world and is used by well-known brands such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Piccolino and more.

Rio Grande is a weatherproof infrared heater that makes it ideal for outdoor dining, balconies or on terraces. Rio grande is a really affordable quality heater powered by halogen technology which gives you a longer and more intensive heat dissipation compared to carbon technology. This infrared heater fits better where there is a lot of wind and not so protected environment. You get a heater that can withstand both rain and debris and can be used all year round. Patio heaters like the Rio Grande are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. A Quart heater such as the Rio Grande is also much more energy efficient and cleaner heat compared to a gas solar heater, a clean cost savings compared to gas gas is about 60%. For outdoor dining and cafes you also do not have to change gas tubes and have them in stock. To control the heater you can supplement it with external remote control or dimmers. Tansun is an excellent alternative because you want a maintenance-free heater with a robust metal casing that is just as nice year after year. Quality is a key word for Europe's best manufacturer of patio heaters.

Infrared heater Rio Grande technical information:

Colour: Black
Voltage: 230V
Power: 1500W
IP Class: IP55
Current: 6.52 A
My distance from floor: 2.0 m
My distance from roof: 0.3 m
My distance from the side wall: 1.0 m

Rio grande size & dimensions:

Weight: 2.8 kg
Dimensions LxHxW: 560x110x89mm
Installation: Wall or ceiling
Connection: 3 m cord

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