Tansun patio heater

Terassvärmare Tansun

Infrared heater from Tansun

Tansun infrared heaters are an advantageous alternative for heating outdoor dining and outdoor spaces, which have previously been largely done with the help of gas solar heaters. There are many reasons to consider using an infrared heater as a patio heater in the future, from both an economic and a practical perspective. This text gives you information that can be useful to consider when choosing what type of infrared heater to install on your patio or outdoor seating.

Tansun has been developing infrared heaters since 1982

Tansun is a company that has manufactured and developed infrared heating and peripherals since 1982. This has been done, among other things, in collaboration with large companies such as Philips and Osram, and they are currently the UK's leading manufacturers with a stated goal to actively work to minimize environmental impact. And this is compatible with choosing to use infrared heating as a patio heater as they are a good choice from an environmental perspective. Add to that that they are extremely cost effective which makes it financially advantageous. For example, the consumption cost of using an infrared heater is 60% lower than it is for the main competitor, gas solar heater.

Luxway Stainless Steel Floor Stand

Luxway Floor Stand for Terrace Heater
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