Sauna accessories

Sauna Accessories from Luxway Nordic.

Enhance your sauna experience with our practical accessories that add both comfort and functionality to your sauna bathing. An ergonomic backrest, for example, is the key to creating the ultimate relaxation and support for your back, providing you with a perfect spot to enjoy your sauna session.

To extend the lifespan of your sauna and simplify cleaning, we offer a wide range of sauna protection products. These items help preserve the sauna environment and make maintenance easier, giving you more time to enjoy moments in the warmth.

Explore the benefits of color therapy with our range of colorful sauna products. Colors can create a sense of well-being and alleviate stress and depression. Our color therapy products are designed to make your sauna experience even more rewarding and promote a harmonious atmosphere.

Include a bucket and ladle in your sauna routine to get the perfect dose of steam and moisture during your sauna session. These classic accessories add an authentic feel and bring a traditional touch to your sauna experience.

Discover our comprehensive range of sauna accessories and take your sauna bathing to the next level of comfort and enjoyment. We strive to offer high-quality products that enhance your sauna experience and create a relaxing sauna environment. Welcome to invest in your well-being with our practical and enjoyable sauna accessories.

Skeletal backrest Cedar

Backrest in cedar.
Ergonomic and fragrant
Delivery time: 4-6 working days (In stock)

Skeletal backrest Aspen

Backrest in Aspen wood.
Ergonomic and fragrant.
Delivery time: 4-6 working days (In stock)

Ergonomic sauna backrest

sauna Accessories
Untreated sauna backrest.
60 x 40 cm
Delivery time: 3-6 days (In stock)

Sauna LED-list package 5m

Heat and moisture resistant LED loop
Remote control included
Transformer included
Delivery time: 4-6 days (in stock)

Sauna LED-list package 2m

Heat and moisture-resistant LED loop
Remote control included
Transformer included

Speakers and bluetooth packages

Package set of speakers and bluetooth
2 speakers + Bluetooth
Delivery time: 4-6 days (in stock)

Speaker for sauna 25 W

Sauna speaker 25W
For sound installation in saunas or bathrooms.
80 watts / 4 ohms.
Delivery time: 4-6 days (in stock)

GP Saltair Salt Humidifier V120

Therasol Saltair Dehumidifier
Amount of water: 1000 ml
For space up to 3.3 m2
Generates 120-330ML / H