Luxway infrared sauna and infrared technology

If you want to build a sauna, you can do it easily yourself with our ready-made sauna rooms. We have a large selection of infrared sauna models where you can find over 80 different models that can be adapted to your home.

If you have a sauna today but want to replace the heating system with infrared heating, you can easily rebuild your sauna into an infrared sauna with our infrared panel kits. You save energy costs and at the same time get a better sauna that gives you a deeper heat than a traditional sauna.

It is now becoming increasingly common for larger hotels, spas,and gyms to replace the traditional sauna heater with an infrared system in order to have more satisfied customers and a lower energy cost. We are specialists in infrared heating technology and we also have self-developed infrared patio heaters 'Heatway' or well-known manufacturers such as Tansun or Veito that provide cold patios warm again at a low energy cost. Our product range also includes an infrared heating pad that is becoming more common today as a large number of chiropractors and professional masseurs use Luxway pad with long-wave infrared light.

If you want to heat your home with infrared heating, you can use our infrared room heaters, with these heaters you get an even heat distribution in your home and 50% lower energy costs compared to traditional electric heating systems.

Welcome to Luxway Nordic with a complete concept of infrared light.