Narvi wood-fired Narvi Steam Master Sauna Oven For sauna sizeBastoon size 10-25 m3Shared unit
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Narvi Steam Master Sauna

For sauna size
Sauna size 10-25 m3
Wood-fired unit


Narvi Steam Master Sauna

For sauna size 10-25 m3

The elegantly designed Steam Master is an excellent choice when it comes to creating true sauna mood. The heating hood that Narvi developed and efficient ventilation guarantee moist baths. You can enjoy the flames visible through the glass door while bathing.

The heating hood is kept closed during the heating phase, whereby the heat is effectively accumulated in the large stone storage room and does not dry the air in the sauna. A wood-fired sauna heater such as Steam Master is ready for a sauna already after 1-1.5 hours.

The stylish enamelled steel sheath is durable and easy to keep clean. The fireplace roof and pipe system are made of special strong steel. There is also an atmospheric oven model that is heated via a tunnel outside the sauna room. A good wood-fired sauna heater for those who want minimal maintenance.

It is possible to mount the chimney backwards and upwards. The distance of the connecting duct from the floor (rear chimney hole), measured from the lower edge of the duct, is 785 mm.

10-15 cm stone should be used for this sauna oven .

The height of the sauna oven can be adjusted 15 mm.

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