Accessories for wood-fired sauna heater Narvi Radiant sheath for sauna oven, Stainless. Height 1230 mm
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Narvi Radiation protection jacket for sauna oven, Stainless. Height 1230 mm

€882.00 (VAT incl.) €705.60 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Fire protection, protective jacket

To facilitate the installation of wood-fired sauna stoves, Narvi has developed this elegant solution in stainless steel. With this you can easily protect the wall from the radiation that arises. The wall cover can be placed as close as 50 mm from the combustible wall. The wall temperature will then not exceed 80 degrees C in normal use and therefore no additional wall protection is needed.

In addition, it gives an elegant and pleasant impression of the total solution in the sauna.

The radiation protection jacket fits the following sauna stoves: NC 16-24, Kuru 14-16, Aito 16-24, and more.

The package contains 3 parts that are screwed together with the accessories included. Screw to anchor to existing floor, not included. The package weighs 28 kg.

The outer dimensions of the entire radiation protection jacket mounted (three parts): Width: 660 mm, Depth: 810, height: 1230 mm.

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