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Infrared sauna

Emendo Basturuska

sauna Accessories

With Dried Birch and Eucalyptus Leaves

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Emendo Basturuska

The sauna brush of birch and eucalyptus gives the sauna bath a relaxing and refreshing experience.

The use of the sauna brush promotes blood circulation and gives the sauna a pleasant scent of birch and eucalyptus. The sauna brush is brought together by genuine natural twig from birch and eucalyptus. The eucalyptus leaves contain genuine essential oil that refreshes the sauna air.

Soak the debris before bathing. Let the debris stand for about 1 hour in lukewarm water.
Fill the sauna pan with fresh fresh water to put the debris in. You can throw the hot used water on the stones on the unit. It gives a good scent in the sauna. Do not use debris until your skin is properly heated.
When you have finished bathing, rinse the debris lightly and hang it in a dry, cool place. You can then use it again as described above. Do not leave debris on the sauna bench or on the unit.

About 50cm long.